Welcome to Mission Animal Hospital…

We Help Pets LIVE Longer!!

Seven (7) Days A Week.


Next To Trader Joe’s In San Luis Obispo.

Monday-Friday 8 to 5, Sat -Sun 9 to 3

(805) 781-8888




Sweetest vets ever, have helped us through so much & they genuinely care about your pet’s well-being. 

When my dog partially tore his ACL, Katherine healed him with many months of laser therapy…. Now our baby never limps!!

Our Pit Bull was also born with a severe, ongoing rash that we did not want to treat with steroids or antibiotics. Dr Julie recommended we undergo allergy testing & we discovered that he is allergic to dandelions & a few other things. Julie ordered us an oral vaccine to help his body to build up immunity… and he can now live his life in peace.

Plus, the amazing owner’s talented wife bakes the BEST cookies fresh daily!! She also prepares home-made appetizers at special functions they host which are incredible. She is an amazing cook!


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