How does Acupuncture for San Luis Obispo pets work?

Acupuncture  works by stimulating points in locations of specific connective tissue, muscles, and nerves.  We may also select “trigger points” to needle, in order to release tight and contracted regions in your pet’s muscles.  When we stimulate these points using acupuncture for San Luis Obispo pets, it causes a reaction that leads to your pet’s own opioid (natural pain control) release and increase blood flow to those regions.  Better blood flow to your pet’s tissues allows regeneration and removal of waste products that cause inflammation.

How can Acupuncture Help Your Pet?

  • PAIN!!
  • Hospice and cancer patient comfort
  • Anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Urinary conditions
  • Immune function
  • Some neurologic conditions
  • Some reproductive concerns
  • Some skin conditions
  • And others…………………………….

What should you expect during your pet’s Acupuncture session?

Your pet’s first Acupuncture visit will include a full comprehensive examination.  This gives us the ability to go over any health concerns we should address prior to your pet’s treatments, as well as identify what points your pet will benefit from most.

Pets are often relaxed after their treatments, but occasionally pets can be a little sore the day they go home.  Your pet may have visible improvement in their movement and pain right away, while others take multiple treatments before we see results.  More chronic conditions, for example, often require more treatments.  Most pets can be expected to have weekly to monthly sessions to maintain the benefit of their Acupuncture.

Every pet’s treatment is tailored to them!  Some pets will do best in your arms, and others may prefer to be on the floor or on a table.  Some pets prefer to stand, while others will be right at home and fully relaxed lying down.  We do what they are most comfortable with!  We start with massage, and this may be all they will allow their first session.  We will slowly begin needling as they tolerate it.  We let your pet tell us how we need to proceed – our goal is for them to LOVE coming in for their Acupuncture treatments!

How else can Mission Animal Hospital help my painful pet?

Jeez, let’s count the ways.  From HERBAL THERAPY to LASER TREATMENTS,  from MASSAGE to STEM CELL THERAPY.  We can help your painful pet!!

Acupuncture for San Luis Obispo pets