The use of marijuana and CBD for pets has become quite a hot topic recently, so we wanted to give you more information on the topic—things we do know, things we don’t—in the hopes of helping you take the best care possible of your pets.

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The primary active ingredients in marijuana and its cousin hemp are compounds known as THC and CBD—you can look up their full names if you wish.   What matters most to us is that THC is responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana—ie, the euphoria, the buzz, the thought that you are funnier than you really are…. while CBD is responsible for the physical properties.

What physical properties, you ask?  It turns out all of us—humans and pets both—have receptors for CBD which help to ….





The only question is how many “endocannabinoid” receptors an individual human or pet has.  The more receptors, the more results.  For this reason, some pets and humans respond better to CBD than others.  Colorado State University is actively studying the use of CBD products in epileptic and arthritic pets, and we all hope to learn from this scientific study.

Here’s the most important part of this discussion:  The THC found in marijuana can be toxic to our pets.  We have seen the accidental ingestion of marijuana edibles by dogs create serious illness and even death, so PLEASE DO NOT share marijuana in any form with your pets.  

It appears that CBD can be used quite safely in our pets in the hopes of achieving the results mentioned above—the reduced stress, pain, nausea, and allergic symptoms—without side effect.  For that reason, MISSION ANIMAL HOSPITAL IS NOW OFFERING OUR PATIENTS THE PUREST IN CBD OIL.

Of course, you can also find CBD for pets in other products online, but you have to pay attention to the concentration, the dosing, and what the CBD is dissolved in.  That’s why MAH has done the work for you—we have concentrations and dosing for pets from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, with olive oil to help your pet’s GI tract and skin.  Our CBD products are organic, and are sourced only from hemp—not marijuana.  They have been analyzed and shown to contain NO THC, so are perfectly safe for pets.

If you are still searching for CBD for pets online, here are a couple guidelines for your use of CBD in pets:

          -The recommended beginning dose is 0.5 mg of CBD per lb body weight, given twice daily.

          -If this dose is ineffective after 7 days, you can double the dose and even double it again due to CBD’s inherent safety.  Logic tells us not to alter the dosage more frequently than once a week.

          -Absorption is most efficient through the oral mucous membranes, so it is best to squirt CBD oil directly into the mouth as opposed to enclosing it in a pill or treat.  This is why our Artisanal CBD for pets comes in a dropper bottle– it’s easier on you both!!

           -Because most CBD products are oil soluble, try to find the oil base best for your pet.  We are formulating a version dissolved in coconut oil, because the medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil help to maintain a healthy brain.  Another good solution would be olive oil, because it can help both GI function and your pet’s skin.


While CBD probably won’t work for every pet, it is nice to know that it is absolutely safe and will not create any side effects. 


CBD for pets