There are over 4000 studies proving the health benefits of curcumin in humans.  And curcumin for cats is no different.  In our integrative veterinary practice we have seen dozens– literally dozens– of cats improve after their folks began them on TRANSCEND, the only curcumin for cats… like yours. 

CURCUMIN FOR CATS– HERE’S WHY TRANSCEND IS THE BEST.  Because giving your kitty ONE 250 mg capsule of TRANSCEND is equal to giving your kitty FORTY SIX (that’s 46) 250 mg capsules of regular curcumin.  We can prove it.  

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TRANSCEND will help your cat with….

  • Pain of any type

  • Cancer of any type, but especially lymphoma or other immune cancers

  • Arthritis

  • Allergic skin disease

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

  • Periodontal disease

  • Stomatitis

What dose of curcumin should you use?  Initially, you should begin by mixing tiny amounts– a few granules, is all– into your cat’s moistened food.  Over the longer term, our goal is to get at least 25 mg of standard curcumin per pound body weight per day into a patient, so that the average 10# kitty would receive at least 250 mg of standardized 95% pure curcumin per day.  

BUT HERE’S THE ADVANTAGE OF TRANSCEND, because it is 46x more easily absorbed by pets or humans.  This means that YOUR KITTY ONLY NEEDS ABOUT 1/8 CAPSULE PER DAY, rather than the 2-3 full pills needed by some other curcumin pills which are not as well absorbed.  Want proof?

Also, TRANSCEND is a capsule rather than a tablet, which makes it easier to sprinkle the powdered ingredients onto your cat’s food. 

How can you get your cat to eat curcumin?  Here’s the problem with cats– curcumin cannot benefit them if they don’t ingest it.  We have some cats in our practice that like the taste of pill pockets, which makes giving them curcumin for cats is very easy.. but these cats are the exception rather than the rule. There are several other approaches that have worked for our clients in the past:  

  • warming cat food to make it more “odorific”, and warming will also improve curcumin absorption.
  • mixing with tuna oil, which also benefits the absorption of curcumin
  • adding to a small meal of whole sardines, which also benefits a cat through their omega 3 fatty acid content
  • using gravy or pate cat food

In all seriousness, helping cats is what we do EVERY DAY.  Want to learn more about us? We’d love to meet you!!

If we can help you and your feline family, please just email us!!

Curcumin For Cats