San Luis Obispo Cat Vaccines are FREE!! Only at Mission Animal Hospital.

Here’s what you need to know about FREE San Luis Obispo cat vaccines:

  • After your adult cat’s comprehensive examination, their vaccines against rabies and distemper are FREE.
  • At Mission Animal Hospital, WE WANT TO BUILD A LIFETIME PARTNERSHIP WITH YOU and other Central Coast cat parents.  Our comprehensive examinations and free vaccines are just two of the ways we will help you help your cat.
  • Cats don’t like strange dogs.  That’s why at Mission Animal Hospital we have SEPARATE KITTY EXAM ROOMS AND WARDS.
  • NOT EVERY CAT SHOULD GET EVERY VACCINE!!  There are risks with over-vaccinating cats, and we will work with you as partners to minimize this risk.
  • At Mission Animal Hospital, we use ONLY THE SAFEST AND BEST VACCINES for your cat.
  • If your cat’s lifestyle means they need additional protection, we offer vaccines against leukemia and other diseases, as well.

Mission Animal Hospital is OPEN SEVEN (7) DAYS a week to help you and your kitty.  By acting as your San Luis Obispo pet emergency clinic, we ensure that we will be available any time you need us!!  Check out our FIVE STAR YELP REVIEWS— they’re the best in a hundred miles.  Bring your cat in and you’ll find out why.

In addition to offering free cat vaccines in San Luis Obispo, we are passionate about DENTAL CARE for San Luis Obispo cats.  And if your cat is ever sick or hurt, Mission Animal Hospital is there for you seven (7) days a week.   Not only do we have separate cat exam rooms and wards, we also have the latest in diagnostic x-ray, ultrasound, and blood tests.  When you need the answers now, Mission Animal Hospital is here for you.  And your kitty.

San Luis Obispo cat vaccines are FREE at Mission Animal Hospital!!