At Mission Animal Hospital, we solve San Luis Obispo cats dental pain every day of the week (and sometimes twice on Sundays). 
Because there is nothing more painful than a toothache!

Here are some of the most common sources of San Luis Obispo dog dental pain, and how Mission Animal Hospital solves them.

If your San Luis Obispo cat has bad breath, it is because they have periodontal disease. This means that they have infections up underneath their gums. If you don’t solve this for your San Luis Obispo cat, it will cause pain and can take up to two years off your cat’s life– really. Mission Animal Hospital can solve this for you with dental cleaning and antibiotic therapy under your cat’s gums.

Do San Luis Obispo cats get cavities? You bet they do!! These cavities are called Resorptive Lesions, and they look like someone drilled through your cat’s tooth. Can you imagine how much that hurts? Mission Animal Hospital can solve resorptive lesions in your San Luis Obispo cat by using the safest anesthesia and extracting the painful tooth.

Because their teeth are so small and sharp, cats in San Luis Obispo can damage or break their teeth…. even if they are strictly inside pets. This is why we at Mission Animal Hospital take x-rays of EVERY tooth in your cat’s body… just like your dentist does for you. Two thirds of the tooth lives under the gums, and the only way that buried tooth can be evaluated is with radiographs taken under the safest of anesthesia. If your San Luis Obispo cat has a broken tooth, Mission Animal Hospital can solve your cat’s pain.

Had a look at your cat’s gums recently? Many unlucky San Luis Obispo cats suffer from stomatitis, which is severe inflammation of the gums surrounding the teeth. This can create so much pain that affected cats won’t eat. At Mission Animal Hospital, we work to solve your San Luis Obispo cat’s dental pain caused by stomatitis, using the most modern drugs, integrative therapy, and tooth extractions if needed. However we at Mission Animal Hospital can help you…. we will.

If your San Luis Obispo cat is drooling or having difficulty eating, it could be because they have a tumor in their mouth. At Mission Animal Hospital, we carefully examine your cat’s mouth and gums … because early detection counts. At Mission Animal Hospital, our dental x-rays and diagnostic tests can sometimes catch cancer in San Luis Obispo cats early enough to successfully eliminate it.

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