At Mission Animal Hospital, we solve San Luis Obispo dog dental pain every day of the week (and sometimes twice on Sundays). 
Because there is nothing more painful than a toothache!

Here are some of the most common sources of San Luis Obispo dog dental pain, and how Mission Animal Hospital solves them.

As bacteria accumulate under the gums of San Luis Obispo dogs, periodontal disease develops. If your dog has bad breath, this means YOU!! Severe periodontal disease is not only painful, it has been PROVEN to take up to two years off your dog’s lifespan. Mission Animal Hospital can solve periodontal disease for your dog by cleaning the teeth and treating underneath the gums with antibiotics.

When the large carnassial molar’s roots in San Luis dogs become infected, the abscess creates a painful bump below the eye. If the tooth is not extracted in time, the abscess essentially explodes the sinus and begins draining through the skin. By the time we at Mission Animal Hospital see such a severe problem, the only way to solve your dog’s pain is to extract the infected tooth.

When your San Luis Obispo dog breaks a tooth, Mission Animal Hospital will solve it. If the fracture is shallow, we can anesthetize your dog and apply an epoxy sealant to coat the damaged area, thus preventing both infection and pain. If the fracture is deeper, it may weaken the tooth or expose the nerve root, and we have to extract these teeth to solve your dog’s pain.

At Mission Animal Hospital, we carefully examine the teeth and gums of all San Luis Obispo dogs. As pets age, many of them will develop tumors within their mouths. Some of these tumors are benign, and simply removing them will permanently solve the problem. However, we also find malignant tumors that not only cause pain but can end your dog’s life prematurely. Early detection counts!!

When we at Mission Animal Hospital find a bleeding tooth in the mouth of a San Luis Obispo dog, we know that the tooth has either been cracked or broken. This allows bacteria to enter the tooth and damage the root canal. This is excruciatingly painful for an affected dog, and the only ways to solve this are either to extract the tooth or refer a pet for a root canal procedure.

Tooth root abscesses are the reason why Mission Animal Hospital takes x-rays of EVERY tooth in the San Luis Obispo dog’s body. This is the only way to detect the infections that cause such severe pain but are invisible to the naked eye. Remember that two thirds of the tooth is actually buried within the jaw, so just because your dog’s teeth look normal doesn’t mean that they aren’t in daily pain from infected teeth. Dental radiographs take specialized equipment and training, and we at Mission Animal Hospital are here for you.

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