Here’s why fleas are such a problem:

  • Fleas inflict repeated painful bites and cause allergic skin disease in dogs, cats, and humans
  • If you have an dallergic pet, just one flea bite can cause 6-8 weeks of itching.
  • Fleas also transmit diseases from tapeworms to the plague (yes, really). 

So controlling fleas for san luis obispo dogs and cats not only helps stop their itch, but will also minimize diseases and parasitism!!

Here’s how dogs and cats contact fleas:

  • Direct contact with another animal that has fleas
  • Walking through areas where fleas live
    • Fleas hang out where they can find shade and moisture– eg in grass and under bushes
    • Fleas will not live on smooth, hard surfaces like concrete or tile
  • Wild animals like rodents, possum, and raccoons are common sources of fleas, so if they pass through your back yard you will always have a flea problem.

Most prescription flea preventives do an excellent  job of eliminating existing fleas from dogs and cats, acting within minutes after the initial application. This is the first step in flea control, and the most important because this will stop your pet’s discomfort. However, the biggest problem, however, is the fact that very few pets live in a closed environment. Every time they cross a flea-infested area, they bring home more fleas. The most difficult part of flea control is providing continued relief from fleas emerging from the infested premises, or wherever your pet’s path might intersect with the path of other domestic pets and wild mammals ranging from rodents to deer.   

Unfortunately, we have seen resistance develop to the old standby products like Frontline and Advantage, so we would suggest that you use the new products below if you are truly interested in solving your pet’s fleas.

Flea elimination for cats:  

  • Intestinal parasites only— profender, applied topically to your cat’s skin will kill every type of internal parasite!!
  • Fleas, Ear Mites, and Heartworm— We have two medications which are applied topically to your cat’s skin
    • REVOLUTION, the old standby monthly medication
    • BRAVECTO, the new medication which lasts for 12 weeks with one application

Flea elimination for dogs:

  • Fleas and ticks for THREE months: BRAVECTO, another tasty chewable.
  • Fleas and ticks for one month: SIMPARICA, a tasty chewable tablet
  • Fleas only: COMFORTIS oral tablets, an organic fermentation product which is very safe.
  • Intestinal parasites only: VIRBANTEL oral tablets
  • Heartworm and intestinal parasites: INTERCEPTOR PLUS chewable tablets

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