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Thank you very much for entrusting your pet’s health to us at Mission Animal Hospital. As your integrative veterinarian in San Luis Obispo, we take a holistic and common sense approach to keeping your pet in optimal health, and want to work with you as your partner in keeping your pet free of parasites. In light of a recent study showing that 1 out of 7 humans nationwide has been exposed to their pet’s worms, it is logical to keep our pets as free of parasites as possible for their sake, and yours.


The first paragraph of our cat summary, above, also applies to puppies. Simply put, roundworms are present in most pups, are easily killed with pyrantel, and are a risk to humans– especially kids.

Parasite control in the adult outside dog, however, is a little more complex. That is because they not only get fleas and tapeworms – like cats – but some dogs actually like to eat poop, which is a GREAT way to get different parasites.

On an intermittent basis, we use VIRBANTEL tablets to eliminate ALL intestinal parasites from your pet.  It is a very safe and effective drug, but bear in mind that it has no residual activity.  If you want ongoing protection, you should use Interceptor Plus monthly…. more on that in a moment.

The other big concern we have in the SLO area is canine heartworm, which is increasing in frequency each year.  This is transmitted solely by mosquitos from other infected dogs, coyotes, and fox. No mosquitos = no heartworm disease. But here’s the thing — HEARTWORM DISEASE CAN KILL YOUR DOG.

If this worries you, you can minimize your dog’s exposure to mosquitos with insect repellants and by choosing where and when to walk, or you can eliminate the concern by using a monthly dose of an oral pill called Interceptor Plus. We sell these as individual doses or in packages of six, as well.  

PUPPIES get two doses of oral pyrantel to kill their roundworms.


  • For intestinal parasites alone, on a one time basis  VIRBANTEL pills
  • For complete intestinal parasite and heartworm prevention oral Interceptor Plus 
  • For protection against both fleas and ticks, use either:
    • SIMPARICA chewable tablets once a month, or
    • BRAVECTO chewable tablets, once every 3 (THREE) months.

For maximal protection against ALL parasites, use Interceptor Plus and BRAVECTO

The last part of this discussion centers around the fact that most pets’ parasite risks change with the season and their lifestyle. An indoor Chihuahua in winter does NOT have the same risks an outdoor Labrador in summer does. If your pet is not exposed to ticks, don’t try to prevent them. If your cat never goes outside and you don’t have fleas in the house, I’m not sure we should be deworming them. Just as with any other medication, let common sense be your guide.


The risks of cats developing parasites is dictated by their age and the time they spend outside. About 75% of kittens are born with roundworms, which can easily be killed by oral pyrantel dewormers. If you have children, it is VERY IMPORTANT to kill your pet’s roundworms, as they can create permanent blindness in children if accidentally ingested.

Once you have eliminated roundworms from young cats, they can only get more parasites in one of two ways– by having fleas, or by going outside and eating prey like mice and other rodents.   In either case, tapeworms are the most likely culprit.  If your cat lives inside and you do not have fleas in its environment, it likely doesn’t need to be dewormed.

We use two different dewormers for cats, both of which are applied topically to the skin over the neck and shoulders. The old days of having to pill a cat are gone.

If you want to kill ALL worms– roundworms, tapeworms, and the less common hookworms and whipworms– on an intermittent basis, we use PROFENDER. Note that this  does NOT kill fleas. If your cat goes out only rarely and you never see a flea, you should use this twice annually. If your cat goes out more frequently you should use it more frequently.

CATS: PROFENDER for internal parasites, BRAVECTO for fleas and ticks

KITTENS  get two doses of oral pyrantel to kill their roundworms.

If your cat spends a lot of time outside, or if flea control is a concern for you we recommend BRAVECTO. One topical application will prevent both fleas and ticks for 3 months!! How cool is that?

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