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As your integrative veterinarian in San Luis Obispo, we will partner with you to maximize your pet’s quality of life. One of the most effective ways to do that is through the use of stem cell therapy. 

What are stem cells? Stem cells are the body’s “master cells”, from which all other cells with specialized functions are derived.  Our stem cells can differentiate into:

  • Liver, kidney, and pancreatic cells
  • Spinal nerve cells
  • Cartilage, tendon/ligament, and bone cells

Primary uses of stem cell therapy includes:

  • Regeneration and healing of damaged tissues
  • Decreasing chronic inflammation
  • Stimulating new blood supply
  • Activating resident stem cells
  • Creating a scaffold for healing tissue 

What conditions can be treated with stem cell therapy? Every pet of any age suffering from a chronic inflammatory process will benefit from stem cell therapy. Tendon and ligament injuries, augmentation of surgical repair, arthritis, and spinal conditions are the most common indications for stem cell therapy.   

What is the stem cell procedure at Mission Animal Hospital? Stem cells are generally harvested from the patient’s own fat tissue. Although there are numerous sites where fat can be collected, the best spot is right around your pet’s belly button. This procedure involves a short anesthetic during which 1-2 tablespoons worth of fat are collected, and then sutures are used to close the incision. Once the tissue is obtained, it is sent to a commercial lab for processing and purification, and the finished stem cells are then shipped back to Mission Animal Hospital the next day. Those cells are then injected directly into an inflamed joint, or can be used intravenously if your pet has more than one area of discomfort.

What is my invensent in stem cell therapy?  The total cost is typically between $2000-2500. This includes both anesthetic procedures, the harvesting and processing of your pet’s stem cells, and the injection process as well. There are no hidden fees.

Can my pet's stem cells be banked for future use?  In a word, yes. Each injection requires a certain number of stem cells, but any excess can be banked for future use. The laboratories charge an annual fee for this storage, but it is a great investment because your only other cost for future administration is the cost of the actual injection process itself.

What's the next step? At Mission Animal Hospital, we’ll work as your partner to give you an honest appraisal of how best to minimize your pet’s discomfort.  If stem cell therapy is appropriate, we’ll guide you through that process.  

At Mission Animal Hospital, we'll help your pet however we can. We promise. 

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